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Can you name the famous Hispanic people by the clue given?

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Forced Order
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National hero and former President of Mexico
Cardinals player from Dominican Republic
Priest who helped colonize California
Former leader of Panama, now in prison
Spanish painter of royalty
Spanish architect of the Art Nouveau
Italian who discovered a route to the Americas
Famous guerrilla fighter from South America
Spanish abstract painter
Co-founder of the famous porcelain figurine company
Current king of Spain
Spanish pro golfer
Former dictator of Spain
Mexican revolutionary
Spanish singer, one of top 10 best selling artists all time
Renaissance painter
Author of 'Don Quixote'
Spanish bullfighter
Conqueror of Aztecs
Mexican muralist
Wife of former President of Argentina
Spanish opera singer
Fashion designer from Dominican Republic
Freed 6 nations from Spanish rule
Hispanic singer, son of famous singer
Contemporary, surrealist abstract painter
Lead singer of Miami Sound Machine
Victor at the Alamo
Famous artist, wife of Diego Rivera
Spanish painter and sculptor
Former dictator of Cuba
Aztec god

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