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British theorist and philosopher who proposed utilitarianism, principle that governments should operate for the greatest good of the greatest numberPerson
Member of British Parliament and author of 'Reflections on the Revolution in France' (1790), which criticized underlying principles of French Revolution and argued conservativismPerson
Politically active students around 1815 in the German states proposing unification and democratic principlesGroup
Italian secret societies calling for a unified Italy and republicanism after 1815Group
Repressive laws in the German states limiting freedom of speech and dissemination of liberal ideas in the universitiesLaws
Term for Russian revolutionaries calling for constitutional reform in the early nineteenth centuryGroup
King of Prussia who promised and later reneged on his promies for constitutional reforms in 1848Person
Chief minister under Louis Philippe; his repression led to revolution of 1848Person
Alliance envisioned by Alexander I of Russia by which those in power were asked to rule in accord with Christian principlesAlliance
Nephew of Napoleon I; came to power as president of Second French Republic in 1848Person
Austrian member of the nobility and chief architect of conservative policy at Congress of ViennaPerson
British philosopher who published 'On Liberty' (1859), advocating individual rights against government intrusion, and 'The Subjection of Women' (1869), for women's rightsPerson
Legislation that restricted the number of poverty-stricken eligible for aidLaw
Organization of Austria, Britain, Prussia, and Russia to preserve peace settlement of 1815; France joined in 1818Alliance
Depopulated areas of England that nevertheless sent representatives to ParliamentPlaces
Economic customs union of German states established in 1818 by Prussia and including almost all German-speaking states except Austria by 1844Union
Allowed Protestants who were not members of the Church of England to hold public officeLegal Action
Enabled Catholics to hold public office for first timeLaw
Gave vote to all men who paid ten pounds in rent a year; eliminated the rotten boroughsLaw
Practice abolished in British Empire in 1833Practice
Limited workday for children and adolescents in textile factoriesLaw
Repealed in 1846; had imposed a tariff on imported grain and were symbolic protection of aristocratic landholdingsLaws

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