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Forced Order
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1978 SC decision holding that a state university could not admit less qualified individuals solely because of their race
1954 SC decision holding that school segregation in Topeka was inherently unconstitutional because it violated Fourteenth Amendment's guarantee of equal protection; marked end of l
SC standard for judges use for matters of race
1995 SC decision holding that federal programs that classify people by race, even for an ostensibly benign purpose such as expanding opportunities for minorities, shoud be presumed
constitutional amendment adopted after the Civil War that states, 'No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of hte US; no
constitutional amendment originally introduced in Congress in 1923 and passed by Congress in 1972, stating that equality of rights under the law shall not be denied by US or state
racial segregation by fact/tradition
legal right to vote, extended to African Americans by Fifteenth Amendment, to women by the Nineteenth Amendment, and to people over the age of 18 by the Twenty-sixth Amendment
issue raised when women who hold traditionally female jobs are paid less than men for working at jobs requiring comparable skill
law designed to help end formal and informal barriers to Afrian-American suffrage; under the law, hundreds of thousands of African Americans were registered and the number of Afric
1944 SC decision that upheld as constitutional the internment of more than 100,000 Americans of Japanese descent in encampments during WWII
constitutional amendment adopted in 1920 that guarantees women right to vote
constitutional amendment passed in 1964 that declared poll taxes void in federal elections
prohibits slavery
Literacy tests and poll taxes did not apply to people who had ancestors that had voted before Civil War
racial segregation by law
one of hte means used to discourage African-American voting that permitted political parties in the heavily Democratic South to exclude African Americans from primary elections, th
outcomes for all, restricting inequalities
policy designed to give special attention to or compensatory treatment for members of some previously disadvantaged group
open and fair competition
law that made racial discrimination against any group in hotels, motels, and restaurants illegal and forbade many forms of job discrimination
derogatory term for blacks used in 1820s that became term used for laws and governmental practices designed to segregate blacks from whites
charge for equality of race in 1960s
1971 SC decision that upheld a claim of gender discrimination
1857 SC decision ruling that a slave who had escaped to a free state enjoyed no rights as a citizen and that Congress had no authority to ban slavery in the territories
1976 SC decision that est the 'medium scrutiny' standard for dterminging gender discrimination
classifying persons on basis of race or ethnicity; courts have said that these classifications warrant strict scrutiny
policies designed to protect people against arbitrary or discriminatory treatment by government officials or individuals
law passed in 1990 requiring employers and public facilities to make 'reasonable accommodations' for people with disabilities and prohibits discrimination against these individuals
Prohibits govt/state from denying right to vote based on race/color
small taxes levied on the right to vote that often fell due at a time of year when poor African-American sharecroppers had the least cash on hand; declared void by Twenty-fourth Am
part of Fourteenth Amendment emphasizing that the laws must provide equivalent 'protection' to all people
1896 SC decision that provided a constitutional justification for segregation by ruling that a Louisiana law requiring 'equal but separate accommodations for the White and colored

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