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QUIZ: Can you name the Characters in Life As We Knew It?

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Character DescriptionNameGender
Main Character and author of the journal. This character swims and is a figure skating enthusiast.Female
The main characters mother and remains primarily nameless throughout much of the novel.Female
Father of the protagonist and is remarried.Male
Step-Mother of the protagonist and portrayed in a negative light by the narrator.Female
Yo'unger brother of the protagonist and is an active baseball player. He is enrolled in Middle School.Male
Older brother of the protagonist and is often viewed as wise and knowing by the narrator.Male
She is a very religious and highly involved in her church. She is a bestfriend of the main character.Female
Self established harlot and best friend of the protagonist.Female
New boyfriend and future prom date of the main character.Male
The antagonist.--------------(no definite gender)
The mother's love interest.Male
Family friend and older more mature friend of the mother.Female

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