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Can you name the Wheel of Fortune gimmick spaces?

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Space FunctionGimmick Space
Wipes out a player's round score
Passes control to the next player without affecting score
If a player calls a bad letter or spins one of the two spaces named above, they can turn this in and keep control
Starts at $5,000 and goes up by the dollar amount of each spin; claimed if the player lands on it and solves immediately
What you can now do for $250 without spinning
A prize which isn't revealed until the player solves the puzzle
Call a consonant for $500 a letter, or call a vowel for free; won't lose your turn if you call a bad letter
Space FunctionGimmick Space
Redeem the token before any spin, and double the value of the spin
Win the game with this in your possession and play for a boosted top prize in the bonus round
If you flip one of these over, you have a 50-50 chance of uncovering $10,000
The value of this space changes with every spin, up to $25,000
Equivalent to a $1000 prize
Can be used to call an extra consonant in the Bonus Round
Worth 25 of something

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