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QUIZ: Can you name the notable challengers who appeared on the Japanese Iron Chef?

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DescriptionChallenger NameIron Chef opponent
Very first Kitchen Stadium challengerIshinabe
First winner in Kitchen StadiumChen
The show's regular color-commentator, battled for a chance to be an Iron ChefMichiba, Nakamura
First female challengerChen
First American challengerMichiba
First victorious American challengerSakai
First and only Canadian challengerMorimoto
World Cup '95 Runner-upMichiba
World Cup '97 Co-champion, fought very last battle to determine world's best chefNakamura, Sakai
300th challenger, forced two tiesChen
Only challenger to defeat Yutaka IshinabeIshinabe
First and only Australian challengerNakamura
DescriptionChallenger NameIron Chef opponent
First and only Brazilian challengerNakamura
Cutting board incident. Need I say more?Morimoto
Challenger when Kaga boycotted a battleChen
100th and 21st Century battle challenger, infamous Kitchen Stadium rivalChen, Sakai, Michiba
A loser to Chen once before, he was the first challenger to defeat IC KobeChen, Kobe
Fought first and only sushi battle in Kitchen StadiumMorimoto
His battle against Nakamura was deemed unacceptable--so they fought a rematchNakamura
Former IC who fought as a challenger against MorimotoMorimoto
Last regular challenger in Kitchen StadiumMorimoto
Though it took two tries, first challenger to defeat IC MichibaMichiba
Founded a 'faction' to take down IC Morimoto's 'Neo-Japanese' cooking styleSakai, Morimoto
First challenger to tie an Iron ChefMichiba

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