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Mechanized head and a god named ZedHellbilly Deluxe 2
Do you want to know where their dreams come from?Educated Horses
Hey, do ya love me like a beautiful fiend!Sinister Urge
Keen eye on the peelers...Hellbilly Deluxe
Deformed and Laughing ScreamingHellbilly Deluxe
Howl, baby, HowlHellbilly Deluxe 2
Eyes of a Shadow, Teeth of a dogHellbilly Deluxe 2
She's a killer! She's a thriller!Hellbilly Deluxe
Turn me on, turn me on, turn me on...Sinister Urge
I cut the flesh and make it bleed...Sinister Urge
Down in the cool air I can see...Hellbilly Deluxe
What is lurking? What you fear!Hellbilly Deluxe
Dead I am the One...Hellbilly Deluxe
Suddenly the rats are high...Sinister Urge
I'm a major, prince, squier and king Yeah!Educated Horses

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