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Conspirator in the assassination of Julius Caesar; descendant of the first consul
The above's co-conspirator
Influential historian of the late Roman Republic and consul in 40 BC
Emperor killed in the Battle of Adrianople
Romano-British commander who defended against an invasion of Anglo-Saxons
General murdered by Valentinian III
The above's rival
Powerful general executed by Honorius in 408
Last Roman ruler in Dalmatia; general of Julius Nepos
Ruler of the Domain of Soissons; defeated by Clovis I
Author of Consolation of Philosophy
Founder of the monastery at Vivarium
Last Eastern Roman emperor to speak Latin as a first language
Only Eastern Roman general to be granted a triumph
Roman pope known for his prolific writings
Last de facto Western Roman emperor
Last de jure Western Roman emperor
Last emperor of the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) empire
Last Emperor of Trebizond
Last titular Byzantine emperor
Last Holy Roman emperor

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