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Which tower is Darrell in
What is the name of Bill's horse
Who always forgets her health certificate
Name Gwendoline's governess
Who stomped on Mary Lou's pen
Who cheated in the 2nd year
What colour are the marks that the invisible chalk leaves
What is Alicia and June's surname
What disease did Alicia have while taking the School Certificate Exams
What is the name of Amanda's old school
What did Betty have that prevented her from coming to school on time in the 3rd book
Who did not want to play the sneezing trick on mamzelle
Name the head girl during Darrell's First Term
Which year is Darrell in when Felicity starts ar Malory Towers
Name Felicity's best friend
Name the American Girl
Miss Linnie taught what subject
Whose brooch did Daphne steal
Name either of the Pi Sisters
Name the school Darrell scored the winning goal against in the Third Form

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