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Can you name the facts about Liberia?

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Official Name
Flag Color
Flag Color
Flag Color
Vice President
Speaker of the House
Chief Justice
Capital City
National Anthem
Independence Date
Official Language
Nickname for American Colonists
Bordering Country
Bordering Country
Bordering Country
Largest Indigenous Group
Length of Presidential Terms
Area (to nearest 1,000)
Population (to nearest 100,000)
Highest Point* (1,752 m)
Highest Point* (1,752 m)
Lowest Point (0 m)
Largest Religion
Liberian Who Presented A Quilt to Queen Victoria
# of Counties in Liberia
Largest County
Smallest County
Most Populous County
Least Populous County
Ranking of Liberia on Corruption Scale (From 1-10)
Major Political Party
Major Political Party
Major Political Party
Drives on the...
Internet Country Code
Highest Point Exclusive to Liberia (1,440 m)
Defunct Political Party
Liberia's Armed Forces
Employment Rate
# of Recognized Indigenous Languages in Liberia
Time Zone
First Governer of Liberia
First President of Liberia
Liberian President Removed for Embezzlement
First Political Party
Oldest Institution of Higher Learning

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