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What 3 groups of people in the Book of Mormon came to the New World under the Lord's guidance? (x, x, x)
How did King Noah die?
Mathoni, Mathonihah, Kumen, and Kumenonhi were men chosen as part of what group?
Who did Korihor say appeared to him in the form of an angel and told him there was no God?
When the angel appeared to chastise Alma the younger, whose prayer was being answered?
For what purpose did Lehi's son's return to Jerusalem the first time?
Who was the anti-Christ that asked Jacob for a sign?
Omni was the son of whom?
The prophet Abinidi converted one of king Noah's wicked priests. Who was he?
What Nephite warrior killed Morianton and Amalickiah?
What incedent was used to reckon time by the Nephites from A.D. 9 until the end of the record?
Where did Nephi and his brothers hide when they fled from Laban's servants?
What prophet did King Noah command should be brought before him?
Who was the last military leader of the Jaredite nation?
To how many men did the resurrected Christ give the power and authority to baptize and confer the Holy Ghost?

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