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Can you name the Marvel Heroes by Alter Ego?

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Steve Rogers
Tony Stark
Scott Lang
Wade Wilson
Bruce Banner
Carl Creel
Peter Quill
Henry McCoy
Blackagar Boltagon
Carl Lucas
Nathan Summers
Carol Danvers
Tyrone Johnson
Tandy Bowen
Scott Summers
Matt Murdock
Frank Castle
Stephan Strange
Sam Wilson
Remy LeBeau
Robbie Reyes
Clint Barton
Parker Robbins
Robert Drake
Danny Rand
Daisy Johnson
Bobbi Morse
Wilson Fisk
David Haller
James Howlett
Bucky Barnes
Peter Parker
James Rhodes
Pietro Maximoff
Wanda Maximoff
Zebediah Kilgrave
Erik Lehnsherr
Victor Creed
Johann Schimdt
Ben Grimm
Donald Blake
Robert Reynolds
Michael Steel
Luther Manning
Lucas Bishop
Warren Worthington
Anthony Druid
Angelica Jones
Thomas Foster
Norman Osborn
James Hudson
Alex Summers
Tabitha Smith
Guy Smith
Wendell Vaughn
Mac Gargan
Greg Willis
Felicia Hardy
Eric Brooks
Natasha Romanoff
Abby Boylen
Nathaniel Richards
Michael Korvac
Kurt Wagner
Kyle Richmond
William Baker
Thomas Shepherd
Jessica Drew
Kevin Connor
Doreen Green

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