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You a professional **** or what?
I am Groot.
Whatever you want?
Peter: What's that?
You people have issues.
Look at you. A Garden of the Galaxy.
All you do is yell at each other. You're not friends.
It won't be my turd it'll be one of Drax's
I told you before, I didn't know what was going on.
You read minds?
It's the SAME level of thickness on the inside as on the outside!
Who... in the HELL... do you think you are?
You own a planet that can destroy two dozen spaceships without a suit. What are you, exactly?
This is gonna hurt.
Nebula, I was a little girl, trying to live day by day, not knowing or understanding what that meant to you. There are many other girls out there, like us. You can stay with us, an
Peter, you and I will be all that remains.
You can fool yourself and everyone else, but you can't fool me. I know who you are.
Dude, come on! I think you're overreacting a little bit.
We leave nobody behind.
Well, if he got closer, I'm sure he'd be much larger.
I'm sorry. I am so sorry.
I didn't mean to do a mutiny.
As a child, my father would have Gamora and me battle one another in training. Everytime, my sister prevailed. My father would replace a piece of me with machinery, claiming he wa
So we're saving the galaxy again?
You see someone and think they have a weird head and then it just turns out part of their head is a hat.
Why? My father would tell the story of impregnating my mother every winter solstice.
You have priceless batteries and an atomic bomb in your bag! If anyone is gonna have tape, it's *YOU*!
Yeah Scotch tape would work.
Sometimes, the thing you've been looking for your whole life is right there beside you all along.
Yondu: What's that?!
Hell yeah, he's cool.

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