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HintGameYear Released
Mario's first 16-Bit game and the introduction of Yoshi1990
The very first portable adventure in the Zelda universe1993
Kirby's first home console platformer in a decade after Kirby 642010
The pack-in Wii title that showed off the Wii remote's motion controls2006
Mario's second space themed 3D Platformer2010
The Wii game that trained your 'Big Brain'2007
The two games that began Pokemon's third generation2002
The Mario Kart game that defied gravity2014
The Smash Bros. game that introduced Adventure mode2001
The only Fire Emblem game on GameCube2005
Donkey Kong's first island adventure platformer1994
This Japan only DS game where Mii characters can become friends2009
The final chapter in the Mother series2006
Animal Crossing starts using motion controls2008
This Zelda game began many new traditions to the series including the introduction to The Master Sword1991
An exciting bike racer1984
Paper Mario's second adventure to collect seven Crystal Stars2004
Pokemon made it's big debut with these two games1996
The Mario platformer that went insane with the amount of coins it had2012
The very first Mario racing game that could be taken on the go2001
Pilotwings somewhat big return on the 3DS2011
Sail through a vast ocean in this cel-shaded Zelda adventure2002
Star Fox's first full 3D game without the need for Mode 7 graphics1997
This game took a shocking turn to the Zelda series back when the series was new1987
Yoshi's cutesy and colorful platformer in stunning 2.5D1997
A sequel to a gamecube classic where Olimar returns to the planet he once crashed on2004
A Donkey Kong platformer controlled by Bongo Drums2004
Four classic Mario platformers in one cartridge1993
Pokemon's fifth generation begins with these two DS titles2010
A new 3D Mario platformer taking place on Isle Delfino2002
A game staring Ness on a quest to stop Giygas1994
A japan exclusive Cabal shoter on N642000
Samus' first adventure on the NES1986
A microgame collection where you tilted the GBA to control things2004
HintGameYear Released
The first F-Zero race on GBA2001
Mario teams up with Peach, Bowser, Mallow and Geno in this RPG classic1996
Use the SNES mouse to create things in this unique Mario game1992
Wii Motion Plus is shown off on an island in this game2009
Captain Olimar's first adventure where he leads an army of tiny red, yellow and blue creatures.2001
The hero of time's second quest where he must collect masks and awakening giants before the moon falls2000
Play with up to eight players with two people sharing a controller in this Mario Party game2005
Play tennis with Mario and friends on the N64 and Game Boy Color2000
The only Star Fox game on Nintendo DS2006
Samus' second 3D shooter adventure through the planet know as Aether2004
Mario Kart's first race online2005
The Mario Bros. partner up with their past selves in this RPG adventure2005
Pit's first adventure to rescue Palutena1987
This highly acclaimed Zelda adventure created the basis for 3D Zelda games to come1998
Mario's unique adventure to rescue Mini-Mario toys from DK2004
The very first Mario Kart game1992
The third chapter in this 'Prime' trilogy2007
A traditional Kirby platformer on the DS2006
Live in a town full of animals on the go2005
A SNES update to a NES boxing classic1994
The continuation of the fifth generation of Pokemon2012
Fire Emblem's acclaimed 3DS game2012
Smash Bros. is on the Wii2008
Kirby's first 2.5D platformer to stop Dark Matter2000
A chilling NES cult staring two climbers1985
Luigi does some more mansion exploring in this 3DS game2013
After a 20 year absence, Pit returns in this 3DS classic2012
Fox McCloud goes on foot on this Swan song game for Rare's time with Nintendo2002
This acclaimed platformer introduced many new power-ups to the Mario series like the Tanooki Suit1988
A GBA RPG made by the creators of the Mario Golf and Mario Tennis series games.2001
The original platforming debut to Nintendo's mascot1985
The Mario RPG that brought both Mario Bros. together for an adventure through the Beanbean Kingdom2003
Express you artistic ability in this DS game2010
Pokemon begins it's sixth generation with these two games2013
HintGameYear Released
Luigi's first official game (excluding Mario is Missing!)2001
A Paper Mario game that changed it's RPG roots to a more platforming based game2007
A GBA turned-based tactics game2001
The first two Pokemon games where you could battle and trade online2006
A Zelda game that used Wii Motion Plus for dynamic Sword fighting action2011
The return to Pikmin that happened nearly a decade after the second game2013
Kirby's second portable platformer1995
Transform Link into a wolf in this darker and more mature toned Zelda game2006
A Mario platformer built of from a Japanese exclusive game known as Doki Doki Panic1985
Pit's first portable adventure1991
Donkey Kong goes against Stanley the Bugman1983
A Wii U Downloadable game that combines different NES games together for an ultimate remix2013
The final N64 Mario Party game2000
The Metroid series goes 3D in this first-person shooter adventure game2002
An enhanced remake of the original Fire Emblem on the DS2008
Four-Player Mario platforming action on the Wii2009
Mario takes this 3D adventure into the cosmos2007
Shigeru Miyamoto's game making debut along with the debut of 'Jumpman'1981
NES Zapper game that bundled with the only Super Mario Bros.1984
Diddy and Dixie Kong go on a Pirate-themed adventure to rescue Donkey Kong in this game1995
This Zelda game is controlled by using the stylus2007
Rare's famous First Person Shooter starring James Bond1997
A 3D Mario Platformer that is playable up to four players on the Wii U2013
Wario's adventure that involves shaking the Wii Remote a whole lot2008
The sister game to Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire2004
Rare's famous platformer starring a bear and a bird1998
Mario's first leap into the third dimension 1996
A nonogram game on the NDS2007
Metroid's GBA platformer that could be linked with Metroid Prime2002
Wario's Wii Minigame collection that used the Wii remote2006
A game of Pinball but with Pokemon1999
A gamecube racing classic that introduced a story mode to it's game series2003

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