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QUIZ: Can you name the Donkey Kong Country Series Enemies. (Note: These are mainly enemies from DKC 1-3)

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Enemy InfoEnemy Answer
An armadillo enemy
A tiny piranha
A small shark
A large shark
A pearl launching clam
A spinning octopus
A tiny beaver
A tiny, biting crocodile
A strong crocodile with a helmet
A kremling riding a mine cart
A regular kremling baddie
A buff and very strong crocodile
A barrel-throwing ape
A spiked tire obstacle
A tiny vulture
A vulture
An enemy producing drum
A kremling that plays 'Red-Light, Green-Light'
An orange snake
A tiny jellyfish
A very common wasp
A blue spinning cat enemy
An insect that can be thrown
A large dragonfly
An underwater ray
A bouncing kremling
Enemy InfoEnemy Answer
A kremling hiding inside a TNT barrel
A large and ghostly skeleton kremling
A fat kremling with a cannon
A Klaptrap wannabe
A tiny kremling riding a skull cart
An orange rope climbing kremling
A ghostly kremling that throws enemies and barrels
A kremling hiding inside a regular barrel
A kremling with a pegleg
A hook throwing kremling
A strong and easily tempered kremling
A small kremling wielding two swords
A fast piranha creature
A small rat
A spiky puffer fish that can explode
A bird that races through brambles
A spinning star fish enemy
A stronger and faster Lockjaw
A porcupine
A tiny kremling with a bazooka
A green and long fish
An overweight bird that holds an item
An overweight fish that holds an item
A spiky red hedgehog
A robotic Zinger
A bounty bass that glows
Enemy InfoEnemy Answer
A background enemy that shoots fireballs at you
A Krackas that can hold onto ropes
A small flying beetle
A kremling hiding in a green barrel
An alternative to Kritters and Klomps
A basic underwater fish
A kremling that uses a DK Coin as a shield
A kremling that also has a shield but will also charge at you
A helicopter kremling
Another Klaptrap wannabe in DKC3
An enemy that targets you
A blue muscular kremling
A kremling in a purple barrel that chucks hazards at you
A brown-ish, muscular kremling that come in pairs
A sliding penguin
An underwater sea urchin
A monkey that throws acorns
A lockjaw alternative in DKC3
A kremling that bounces on his tail
An underwater missle
A kremling that slips around in the snow
Another version of Neeks
A bird that swoops around in tree levels
A wannabe of Kabooms from DKC2 that are in the GBA remake of DKC3

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