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1) Classic tale of action, romance and revenge. (1987)
2) A man's battle to find success and provide for his son. (2006)
3) Little short guy with bare feet sets off to destroy very old jewelry. (2001-2003)
4) Glowing swords, resperators, long lost parents, and a little green guy. (1977, 1980, 1983)
5) Spielberg didn't take a dime for this movie. (1993)
6) A rendezvous in Africa during WWII. (1942)
7) 'Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn.' (1939)
8) Dances With Wolves meets Fern Gulley. (2009)
9) Ledger's performance of a lifetime. (2008)
10) 'Fear can hold you prisoner. Hope can set you free.' (1994)
11) Another movie may take this spot, but it will never take its freedom! (1995)
12) Cuba Gooding Jr and Robert DiNiro break the Naval color barrier. (2000)
13) Man hears voices in the corn looking for more time with his father. (1989)
14) A dozen debate over murder or reasonable doubt. (1957)
15) The bloodiest battle in American history. (1993)
16) 'If you can't say nothing nice, don't say nothing at all.' (1942)
17) The 'Covenant' is found by Dr. Jones. (1981)
18) Racism flowed on both sides while 'fighting the good fight'. (1989)
19) He was caught on tax evasion of all things. (1987)
20) Finding a family is as easy as 'keep moving forward'. (2007)
21) Judgement day approaches disguised as a space rock. (1998)
22) Too small, too slow, and a bigger heart than everyone else. (1993)
23) As the Union rattles through generals R.E.L. stalwarts the South. (2003)
24) Judgement day is thwarted by love. (1997)
25) The last surviving son of a widow is lost in France during WWII. (1998)
26) Prince is run off by uncle before, and must face his demons before he can reclaim his throne. (1994)
27) Two rich uncles take care of their great-nephew and a very large tabby. (2003)
28) Dr. Jones and Dr. Jones search for an old cup beyond the invisable bridge. (1989)
29) Love isn't just skin deep. You have to peel it back. (2001)
30) Bringing together rabid enemies and making them brothers, stronger than the gods. (2000)
31) Not wanting the throne our hero searches for the next heir. (2007)
32) He has to chose between the love of his life and his living a dream. (1999)
33) Two brothers and their friends challenge the corrupt power in a small western town. (1985)
34) A man runs for his life while in search of the one-armed man. (1993)
35) Behind enemy lines beyond Omaha these men struggle to survive. (1962)
36) The Mayans want to say 'We told you so.' (2009)
37) With 'Wonderboy' lightning strikes twice. (1984)
38) Add zombies and you've got the making of a cult-classic. (2005)
39) Prince Charming hits a rotten stretch and the Fairy Godmother searches for her 'happily ever after'. (2004)
Two old cancerous gents romp the world with their crazy stunts. (2007)
A hairy prince has to be charmed by a madamoiselle with a voice that sounds like a bell. (1991)
Do you feel lucky with this one punk? Well, do ya? (1971)
In the freezing cold Dennis Quaid walks to NYC for his son. (2004)
A running back stars at Syracuse but never gets to the NFL because of leukemia. (2008)
Fishermen not only fight poverty but mother nature. (2000)
From the deep blue to the man on the moon evil is everywhere. Just keep them out of Egypt. (2009)
God creates dinosaur, God destroys dinosaur, God creates man, man destroys God, man creates dinosaur.....dinosaur eats man, woman inherits the earth. (1994)
From slums to riches this Rebel star is now living the American dream. (2009)
Giant robots want the glasses. (2007)
Before he was 'your father'. (1999, 2002, 2005)

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