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Can you name all of the MLB starters of September 2013?

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Mariners LF
Phillies C
Phillies SS
Rays 1B
Twins 3B
Mets C
Cubs SS
Angels 3B
Cardinals 3B
Nationals 3B
Rays CF
Padres RF
White Sox SS
Red Sox RF
Braves C
Tigers 3B
Tigers DH
A's CF
Rockies 2B
Padres 1B
Angels SS
Pirates 1B
A's 1B
Cubs 3B
Twins LF
Blue Jays LF
Indians 3B
Royals CF
Twins C
Indians LF
Mariners RF
Orioles C
Dodgers CF
Rangers 3B
Rays 3B
Yankees 3B
Rockies C
A's 3B
Blue Jays C
Mariners SS
Phillies 2B
Indians C
Mariners 2B
Brewers 1B
Blue Jays 2B
Cubs 2B
Giants 3B
Phillies 1B
Marlins RF
Astros 3B
Mets SS
A's 2B
Rangers DH
Giants RF
Padres 3B
Marlins CF
Phillies LF
Rangers SS
Marlins 1B
Mariners 1B
Mets 3B
Cubs RF
Yankees CF
Brewers C
Angels 2B
Indians SS
Braves SS
Cubs CF
Orioles 1B
Padres LF
Tigers 2B
Rangers CF
Dodgers 3B
Angels 1B
Marlins SS
Dodgers 1B
Indians 1B
Orioles CF
Pirates C
Indians DH
Pirates SS
Twins RF
Marlins 3B
Marlins 2B
A's RF
Phillies 3B
Red Sox 3B
Blue Jays RF
Blue Jays SS
Dodgers LF
Royals SS
Tigers LF
Padres CF
Rays C
Rays SS
Royals 3B
Pirates CF
Rays DH
Angels CF
Rockies LF
Giants LF
Padres SS
Reds C
Red Sox 2B
Astros RF
Mets LF
Red Sox CF
Brewers CF
Giants 1B
Brewers 2B
Orioles 2B
Astros 2B
Indians RF
Nationals 1B
Rangers C
Red Sox DH
A's DH
Reds 1B
Indians CF
Rockies 3B
Cubs LF
Brewers LF
Orioles DH
Rays RF
Red Sox C
Astros SS
Rays LF
Nationals SS
D-Backs 2B
Pirates RF
Brewers RF
Twins 2B
Tigers SS
Cardinals C
D-Backs CF
Reds 2B
Braves 2B
Yankees 2B
Marlins C
Rangers 2B
Braves 3B
Tigers C
Reds LF
D-Backs C
Padres 2B
Astros CF
Mets 1B
Giants SS
Nationals RF
Reds RF
Mets RF
Phillies CF
Royals LF
Tigers 1B
Yankees LF
Mariners C
White Sox 3B
A's SS
Indians 2B
Dodgers 2B
Braves CF
White Sox C
Royals DH
Giants C
D-Backs 3B
Braves 1B
Reds CF
Pirates 3B
White Sox 2B
Cubs C
Rays 2B
White Sox LF
Royals RF
Mariners CF
Royals 1B
Reds SS
Giants CF
Dodgers C
Nationals C
Red Sox SS
Blue Jays 1B
Yankees RF
Braves RF
Astros C
Cardinals SS
Tigers RF
Angels RF
Royals C
Mariners DH
Marlins LF
Twins SS
D-Backs RF
Orioles LF
Brewers SS
White Sox DH
D-Backs SS
Rockies 1B
Yankees SS
Cubs 1B
Yankees C
Nationals LF
Twins DH
Cardinals CF
Mets 2B
Pirates LF
Rangers RF
Cardinals 2B
Braves LF
Cardinals 1B
Cardinals LF
Orioles SS
Angels DH
Yankees 1B
Giants 2B
Blue Jays CF
A's LF
Rockies SS
Nationals CF
D-Backs 1B
White Sox RF
Mets CF
Pirates 2B
Red Sox LF
Astros 1B
Dodgers RF
Twins 1B
Orioles 3B
Astros DH
White Sox 1B
Red Sox 1B
Orioles RF
Dodgers SS
Astros LF
Angels LF
Brewers 3B
Blue Jays 3B
Padres C
Yankees DH
Phillies RF
Royals 2B
Reds 3B
Nationals 2B
Rangers LF
Mariners 3B
Rockies CF
A's C
Angels C
Twins CF
Rockies RF
Tigers CF
White Sox CF
Blue Jays DH
D-Backs LF
Cardinals RF
Rangers 1B

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