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What catalyst is used in esterification reactions?
Ethanoic acid and methyl methanoate, both which have formula C2H4O2, are examples of ________________.
The conversion of methanol to methanoic acid is an _________________ reaction.
__________ is used to make road surfaces.
__________ gas is a cleaner fuel source than fossil fuels as it burns to produce water only.
Name the straight-chain alkane which has 5 carbons.
What metal is used to catalyse the hydrogenation of vegetable oil to margarine?
Propene may be polymerised via ___________ polymerisation to form a plastic.
Methane reacts with chlorine gas in the presence of _______________ to form chloromethane.
______________ is a process used to produce smaller alkenes from larger hydrocarbons.
Ethene, propene and butene are examples of a ________________.
What separation method is used to separate the components of crude oil?
What gas is formed via incomplete combustion of ethane?
What process is used to synthesise ethanol from glucose?
Alkenes decolourise ___________________.

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