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What colour is universal indicator in a solution of pH 14?
____________ ion is formed when an alkali dissolves in water.
Name a gas which contributes to acid rain.
Name a compound that may be used to differentiate between nitric acid and hydrochloric acid.
What colour change is observed with phenolpthalein when the pH increases from 4 to 9?
What method should be used to prepare potassium nitrate?
Name a metal which forms an amphoteric oxide.
The reaction between sodium hydroxide and ethanoic acid is a ___________________ reaction.
Acids will only dissociate in the presence of _______________.
A solution with pH = 7 is said to be _____________.
Slaked lime, also known as ___________________, is added to soils to neutralise excess acidity.
Is ammonium carbonate expected to be soluble or insoluble in water?
Ammonium sulfate reacts with potassium hydroxide to give ___________, potassium sulfate and water.
A strong base is ___________ dissociated in aqueous solution.
As the concentration of acid in solution increases, the pH ____________.

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