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Spray decongestant, OK in pregnancy
Works on cough center in CNS, OK in asthma patients
Stimulates NorEpi release to provide nasal decongestion (vasoconstriction)
Activates Cl- secretions in CF patients, Hydrates muscous
Cleaves sulfide bonds loosening muscous
Stimulates nasal alpha adrenergic receptors
Topical cough suppressants, not in nostrils
Category C tertaogen, narcotic, works on cough center
Disgest extracellular DNA for muscolysis in CF and brociectasis. Can cause laryingitis
ENaC blocking diuretic used in CF treatment
Only FDA approved expectorant
2nd generation serine anti protease used in PE thrombolysis
Blocks IIB/IIIA recptors preventing plt. Aggreggation
3rd generation tissue plasminogen activator with prolonged half life
Cheap plasminogen agonist; 1 time use
Irreversible COX inhibitor
Use for pain relief in patients on anti-coagulant therapy
PDE inhibitors used to increase cAMP levels in platlets
COX2 specific inhibitor; can cause heart disease
Inhibits ADP induced plt. Aggreggation; can be used with or in palce of aspirin

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