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First Generation antihistamine known to cause drying of secretions through anticholinergic activity
Muscarinic antagonist, selectively blocks M-1 and M-3 recptors
Non-selective muscarinic antagonist to control asthma
Relaxes bronchial smooth muscle, dialating bronchioles as a short acting B-2 agonist
Increases cAMP by inhibiting phosphodiesterase. Results in sympathomimetic bronchodialation (like all symp.mim. Causes nausea, headache, low BP, arrythmia, CNS tox)
This lung condition is often treated with a combination of Albuterol and Atropine/Ipratropium for combined effect
Used only in conjuntion with steroids, provides the benefits of Albuterol over a 12 hour period (ie increasing cAMP levels)
This bitter tasting anti-inflammatory inhibits mast cells, eosinophils and cough
5-Lipoxygenase inhibitor shuts down the arachadonic acid pathway leading to creation of Leukotrienes. Known liver toxicity.
True/False: Aspirin and other COX pathway arachadonate inhibitors can help patients with airway disease
Patients with step 1 asthma (less than monthly attacks) should be given this class of treatment
Anti-IgE monoclonal antibody for long term asthma control. Can cause swelling/allergies, cardiotoxicity
QT prolongation is a concern with this class of potentially cardiotoxic drugs. They should not be mixed with K-wasting diuretics (as the drugs sequester K), MAOIs or Saquinavir
Non-specific adrenergic agonist that can be used for bronchodilation
Yes/No: COPD responds wells to Corticosteroid therapy
This drug class serves to increase transcritional activity of B2 receptors, thus combating LABA autoregulatory desensitization
Leukotrienes bring on asthma symptoms, this drug blocks LT receptors, with the side effects of GI disturbance and increased infections
Weight gain (buffalo hump), muscle weakness, thin skin, hair abnormalities, high BP and skin changes associated with glucocorticoid use
EXTRA CREDIT: This infused drug is used as a repiratory stimulant post-surgery on in acute COPD attacks. Works by acitivating carotid bodies.
H1,H2,H3: Which histamine receptor is found on smooth muscle and causes muscle contraction, vasodialation and cap. Leak?
Used to prevent ocular inflammation, highly H1 specific anti-histamine
Fast acting and extremely effective piperidine derivative
Name one of the two primary side effects of 1st Gen. anti-histamines
Inhibits histamine and leukotriene activity
Cetirizine, Diphenhydramine, Hydroxyzine: Which has the lowest sedation potential?
Promethazine, Clemastine, Loratadine: Which has the lowest sedation potential?
Mycobacterium Tb are equiped to live inside of these host cells
Bind the Beta subunit of MbTb RNA polymerase. Cidal. Rapid resistance.
Arthralgias and liver toxicity are side effects of this drug that acts on MbTb via an unknown pH altering mechanism.
GI toxic second line Tb drug that resembles isoniazid and is activated by MbTb
This bacteriostatic Tb drug disrupts cell wall synthesis by inhibiting arabinoyl transferase and PG formation. Resistance is not common. Eliminated in urine
EMB, INH or RIF: Side effect of optic neuritis, vision loss, hyperuricemia
This alternative to rifampin can be given at a lower dose frequency, increasing compliance
This Tb drug inhibits mycolic acid synthesis, thus is Cidal only for rapidly dividing cells. Drug is cleared by acetylation and urination
Yea/Nay: Rifamin is deacetylated for clearance in the bile. It can treat MRSA.
Give one of the two major side effects of Isoniazid
CNS effects are seen early is therapy with this Second Line Tb drug, not recommended to epileptics
Primary/Secondary: The drug acting as a D-alanine structural analog, blocking cell wall synthesis
This Endothelin-1 Receptor antagonist prevents pulmonary arterial vasocontriction, yet has significant liver and blood toxicity
Yep/Nope: There a a wide variety of oral prostanoid medications to treat Pulmonary Hypertension, but care must be taken with co-current antithrombolytics
A familiar Alkylating agent that treats Wegner's by lymphopenia
Exogenous surfactant given to premature neonates with NRDS, rich in animal DPPC
Increases adenosine mediated immunosuppression as well as inhibiting DHFR in Sarcoidosis. Can cause dermatologic, infectious and pulmonary side effects
Binds CD20 on B-cells to treat Wegner's Granulomatosis. Can cause HTN, asthenia, arthralgia
Calcium channel blocker used to combat pulm. HTN. Effective in only a subset of patients

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