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TH2 mediated process that can result in Anaphylaxis
Patient has paralysis after camplobacter jejuni infection
Patient has TH1 response against type 2 collagen
Glomerulonephritis, stains positive for IgG antibody on glomerulus and alevoli
Patient has hyperthyroidism, autoimmunity is suspected
Systemic vasculitis is noted in a patient with hepatitis B
1 month after streptococcal infection, patient presents with myocarditis and arthitis
Patient with UV sensitivity presents with anti-carpiolipin antibodies
A patient with difficult moving her legs is given IFN-beta and shows signs of improvement
A patient presents with hard (fibrous) lesions on face and hands with accompanying esophageal dysfunction
Epidermal blistering lesions thought to be caused by IgG antibodies in the epidermis
Patient suffers from inherited renal failure due to type 4 collagen disease
A type 4 immune disease targets B cells of a patients pancreas
Patient expereinces weakness and paralysis, treatment with acetylcholineserase inhibitors is effective
Gastric Parietal cells are targeted, resulting in anemia in this Type 2 disease
An Arkansas chicken farmer presents with fluid in lung, you suspect a hypersensitivity reaction of this type
Antibodies in a patient activate neutrophils resulting in vasculitis and renal failure
A 45 y.o. woman who has suffered from SLE in the past tests positive for anti-nuclear antibodies and rheumatoid factor- you run tests to rule in/out
Extremely potent calcineurin inhibitor
Common Phase I inhibitor noted for its renal toxicity and for causing abnormal hair growth
Immunosuppresant strongly indicated against use in pregnant women
Should test: TPMT activity, CBC, pregnancy, metabolic panel before giving this cell cycle disruptor
Blocking the IL-2 receptor with this monoclonal antibody will not change the number of lymphocytes, but will act as an immunosuppressant
Hypercholsterolemia and Cushing's Syndrome are among the side effects of this immunosuppressant
This drug blocks CD3 on T-cells
T and B Cells cannot sythesize GMP and thus DNA when challenged with the drug; noted for myelosuppression, GI side effects

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