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Alkylating agent that methylates DNA; myelosuppresion, alopecia, reproductive
Alkylating agent that crosslinks DNA and contains platinum; renal toxicity and perf. Neuropathy
Alklylating agent that carbamoylates proteins; CNS effects
DHF reductase inhibitor; myelosuppression, skin + muscosal effects
Pyrimidine analog inhibiting thymydlase synthase with DNA and RNA activity
Inhibits de novo purine synthesis, blocks conversion of IMP to XMP
Purine analog active through the salvage pathway, inactivated by xanthine oxidase
Prevent tubulin disassembly; pref. neuropathy, myelosup.
Prevent tubulin assembly; perif. Neuropathy, myelosup.
TOPO I inhibitor does double stranded DNA damamge; Extravasational necrosis, cardiotoxicity
TOPO II inhibitor intercalates btw base pairs, acts as oxidizer; Extravasational necrosis, cardiotoxicity
mTOR inhibitor
Monoclonal Ab against CD 20 on B-Cells, also treats Rheum. Arthritis
Monoclonal Ab against VEGF; increases blood pressure
Inhibits ribonucleotide reductase, also used to treat Sickle Cell Anemia
Used to treat multiple myelomas; increases NK cells activity and decreases angiogenesis

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