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Kanto's Champion
Kalos's Eighth Gym Leader
Unova's First Gym Leader (BW2)
Aqua Admin (Male)
Unova's Second Gym Leader (BW)
Kalos/Hoenn Chatelaine
Hoenn's Second Elite 4
Unova's Second Gym Leader (BW2)
Galactic Commander (Skuntank)
Hoenn's Champion (E)
Sinnoh's First Gym Leader
Alola's Fourth Trial Captain
Hoenn's Champion (RSORAS)
Unova's First Gym Leader (1 of 3) (BW)
Johto's Eight Gym Leader
Galactic Commander (Purugly)
Kalos/Hoenn Chatelaine
Hoenn's Third Gym Leader
Alola's 'Seventh' Trial Captain
Alola's First Kahuna
Alola's Second Trial Captain
Kalos's Third Gym Leader
Alola's Fifth Trial Captain
Hoenn Pike Queen
Sinnoh/Johto Factory Head
Sinnoh's Eighth Gym Leader
Sinnoh's Fourth/Third Gym Leader
Sinnoh's Fourth Elite 4
Alola's Sixth Trial Captain
Sinnoh/Johto Castle Valet
Galactic Leader
Unova Rival (Female) (BW)
Unova's Elite 4
Hoenn's Seventh Gym Leaders
Kanto's Seventh Gym Leader
Johto's First Elite 4
Kanto's Fourth Gym Leader
Sinnoh's Third Elite 4
Kanto's Third Gym Leader
Johto's Second Gym Leader
Unova's Champion (BW)
Kanto's Second Elite 4
Kalos/Hoenn Chatelaine
Kalos's Champion
Kanto's Sixth Gym Leader
Johto's Fifth Gym Leader
Unova's Eighth Gym Leader (W)
Hoenn Palace Maven
Unova Rival (BW2)
Galactic Commander (Toxicroak)
Johto Rival
Flare Scientist
Alola's Elite Four
Unova's Fourth Gym Leader
Kanto's Fifth Gym Leader
Hoenn Friendly Rival
Hoenn Factory Head
Flare Scientist
Unova's Eighth Gym Leader (BW2)
Hoenn's Sixth Gym Leader
Johto's Fourth Gym Leader
Kalos's Sixth Gym Leader
Hoenn's First Gym Leader
Sinnoh Rival
Rocket Executive (Koffing & Weezing)
Hoenn's Second Gym Leader
Hoenn's Third Elite 4
Sinnoh's Third/Fifth Gym Leader
The Strongest Trainer
Hoenn Arena Tycoon
Johto's Sixth Gym Leader
Unova's Elite 4
Kanto's Eighth Gym Leader
Flare Leader
Flare Scientist
Sinnoh's Sixth Gym Leader
Flare Scientist
Kalos's Elite 4
Unova's First Gym Leader (1 of 3) (BW)
Kanto's Second Gym Leader
Alola Rival
Johto's Seventh Gym Leader
Hoenn's Eighth Gym Leader (RSORAS)
Plasma Leader
Plasma 'Leader'
Johto's Third Gym Leader
Kanto Rival
Sinnoh's Fifth/Fourth Gym Leader
Alola's Elite Four
Unova's Eighth Gym Leader (B)
Kanto's Eighth Gym Leader (3 years later)
Sinnoh/Johto Arcade Star
Magma Admin (REOR)
Kanto's First Gym Leader
Kalos Rival
Magma Admin (ROR)
Hoenn's Fourth Gym Leader
Kalos's First Gym Leader
Hoenn's First Elite 4
Kanto's Fourth Elite 4
Hoenn Salon Maiden
Unova's First Gym Leader (1 of 3) (BW)
Sinnoh's Second Elite 4
Hoenn Ralts Rival
Kalos's Elite 4
Hoenn's Fifth Gym Leader
Alola's Third Kahuna
Unova Rival (Male) (BW)
Unova's Third Gym Leader
Unova Subway Boss (Doubles)
Unova's Sixth Gym Leader
Kalos's Fifth Gym Leader
Alola's Third Trial Captain
Johto's Fourth Elite 4
Kalos's Seventh Gym Leader
Alola's Elite Four
Unova's Elite 4
Sinnoh/Johto Hall Matron
Skull Admin
Unova Subway Boss (Singles)
Hoenn's Fourth Elite 4
Kanto's Third Elite 4
Rocket Executive (Houndoom)
Rocket Executive (Golbat & Weezing)
Kalos's Elite 4
Aqua Admin (Female)
Black Skyskraper/White Treehollow Leader
Johto's Second Elite 4
Johto's First Gym Leader
Alola's Elite Four
Kalos's Fourth Gym Leader
Johto's Third Elite 4
Alola's Second Kahuna
Johto's Champion
Unova's Elite 4
Skull Leader
Alola's Fourth Kahuna
Kalos/Hoenn Chatelaine
Hoenn's Eighth Gym Leader (E)
Rocket Executive (Murkrow)
Aether Branch Chief
Aether President
Skull Enforcer
Sinnoh/Johto Tower Tycoon
Kalos's Elite 4
Sinnoh's First Elite 4
Unova's Seventh Gym Leader (BW2)
Aqua Leader
Kanto's Fifth Gym Leader (3 years later)
Sinnoh's Seventh Gym Leader
Rocket Leader
Sinnoh's Champion
Unova's Fifth Gym Leader
Plasma Scientist
Flare Scientist
Unova's Champion (BW2)
Hoenn Dome Ace
Sinnoh's Second Gym Leader
Alola's First Trial Captain
Hoenn Pyramid King
Kanto's First Elite 4
Unova's Seventh Gym Leader (BW)
Alola's 'Champion'
Magma Leader
Kalos's Second Gym Leader

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