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Can you name the U.S. Sitcoms of Color?

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Forced Order
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Major CharactersShow title
Roger, Dwayne, Re-run
Fred, Lamont, Aunt Esther
George, Weezy, Bentley
Kadijah, Regine, Overton
Will, Carlton, Hilary
Mary, Sandra, Pearl
Cliff, Claire, Rudy
Huey, Riley, Granddad
Chris, Rochelle, Julius
Laura, Eddie, Steve
Joan, Lynn, Maya
Major CharactersShow title
James, Florida, Wilona
Tia, Tamera, Ray
Nikki, Kim, Andell
Vanessa, Jordan, Bryana
Gina, Pam, Cole
Eleanor, Joey, Andrew
Mark, Vanessa, Robin
Deacon Frye, Thelma, Reuben
Whitley, Freddie, Dwayne
Cedric, Regina, Lovita
Thurgood, Muriel, Smokey

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