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The first African American that won the US Open
Year when Tennis was re-added to the Olympic Games as a real event
Olympic Gold Male winner at previously mentioned Olympics
The most Grand Slam career single titles Winner (24)
Maker of the US Open's Trophy
First sisters that won Olympic gold Medals for tennis
Fastest recorded serve owner (for women) at 210,8 km/h
Fastest recorded serve for men at 263,4 km/h, formally unrecognized by ATP
Fastest recorded serve for men at 253 km/h, officially recognized by ATP
The youngest player to win his maiden ATP tournament (Tel Aviv 1983 at the age of 16 yrs and 2 mos)
King who died in 1498. after hitting his head on the door of a Real Tennis court
The first Wimbledon Winner in 1877.
During 2014, the audience at Wimbledon tournament ate almost 24 tons of that delicious fruit
Name either of two players to hold a record for the longest male single tennis match ever ( 11 hrs and 5 minutes )
Name either of two players to hold a record for the shortest male single tennis match ever in Open-era (25 min)
The first unseeded player that won Wimbledon in 1985
The French Open is better known for its central stadium Roland Garros, named after French ______ during WWI.
During WWI in 1917. U.S. Open was also known as the ___________ Tournament.
Englishman who invented lawn tennis at 1873
The first male tennis player that won Grand Slam (all of 4 major tournaments in the same year)
Only tennis player who won Grand Slam twice
The first female tennis player who won Grand Slam
The first woman athlete in any sport to earn more than 100.000 $ in one year (1971)
The first Grand Slam Tournament to offer equal prize money to male and female winners ( 1973 )
International Tennis Hall of Fame is founded in 1954. and takes place in that U.S. City
Formerly No. 1, second all-time with 94 ATP tour titles, but never won Wimbledon
Who won a calendar year Golden Slam in 1988? (4 GS Tournaments + Olympic Gold)
At the age of 8, he narrowly escaped the 1996 tragedy at Dunblane's primary school when 16 children and one teacher were killed
The youngest French Open male winner (17 years and 3 months)
Only player that won the US Open on three different surfaces – grass, clay, and hardcourt
One of the most successful players was married three times to a Brit, an American and an Australian – she only needs to marry a Frenchman to complete The Husband Career Grand Sla
Ten times Roland Garros Winner, 'The King of Clay'
The 1st tennis player with more than 10.000 career aces hit
The first male player that was disqualified from Wimbledon tournament (1995)
The most number of women singles title in Wimbledon (9)
From 1972-1987. Australian Open took a place there, before moving to Melbourne Park
Annual International male tennis team competition founded at 1900
Annual International female tennis team competition founded at 1963
She was stabbed in a back with a 9-inch knife by a spectator during her match in Hamburg at 1993.
At 2011, he recorded the fastest ever forehand in open-era (199 km/h)
Youngest ever male player ranked as an ATP World No. 1
Youngest female player ranked as a WTA World No. 1
The only player that reached ATP No. 1 but never won any Grand Slam Tournament
Producer of first metal tennis racquet (1967)
The first brother and sister that reached World No. 1 in tennis history (name one)
The first Asian player that won Grand Slam singles (Roland Garros 2011)
The first Italian female player ever that won a GS title in singles (Roland Garros 2010)
The first South American player since 1973 that finished the year as ATP No. 1
The first player who has earned more than 100 million USD from tennis
Formerly No. 1, the only male player that won Career Super Slam (all GS + Olympic Gold + Barkley Year-end)
The last male tennis player that won GS both in singles and doubles at the same Tournament (1996 Roland Garros)
Name one of 'The Woodies' (nickname for one of the most successful doubles in tennis history)
He has 148 singles and doubles titles, the most of any male player
Won 16 titles in a season of 1977, his record still stands alone
Longest Open-era match winning streak on all surfaces (49 at 1978)
Lowest ranked Grand Slam Winner in Open-era (No. 212 when won on Australian Open singles at 1976)
He debuted at No. 1 when ATP Rankings were introduced at 1973
Youngest female winner of any WTA title (14 yrs 28 days, Portland 1977)
The 1st player in ATP Rankings history that finished as No.1 for six consecutive years
302 weeks in career as No. 1 tennis player
Name one of three players in doubles who won all 9 Masters 1000 titles during their careers
The oldest ATP titlist (at the age of 43 yrs 11 days won Hong Kong)
The only time in Open-era (1988) when two different male players from the same country, won all annual GS Tournaments. What country is it?
Which country has the highest open-era women's singles consecutive series of conquered Grand Slams (17)?
Formerly ATP No. 1 in singles, the only one that won Calendar Grand Slam as a junior (1983)

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