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QUIZ: Can you name the Who's Mentioned More in Harry Potter??

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BetweenMentioned MostFrequency
Hermione Granger or Ron Weasley6464 - 5486
Albus Dumbledore or Rubeus Hagrid2421 - 2024
Severus Snape or Voldemort1956 - 1797
Fred Weasley or George Weasley920 - 821
Dobby or Arthur Weasley780 - 469
Alastor Moody or Dolores Umbridge637 - 583
Cornelius Fudge or Dudley Dursley493 - 467
Luna Lovegood or Peter Pettigrew486 - 356
Gilderoy Lockhart or Kreacher312 - 262
Nymphadora Tonks or Argus Filch288 - 242
BetweenMentioned MostFrequency
Fleur Delacour or Viktor Krum277 - 258
Dean Thomas or Rita Skeeter212 - 188
James Potter or Lily Potter190 - 127
Filius Flitwick or Igor Karkaroff165 - 140
Xenophilius Lovegood or Winky162 - 124
Godric Gryffindor or Fawkes64 - 63
Aunt Muriel or Professor Binns56 - 48
Arabella Figg or Aragog55 - 49
Fluffy or Marietta Edgecombe48 - 27
Nagini or Norbert36 - 30

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