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ClueAnswerLetter of the alphabet
Nerdy boy in the wheel chairA
Ditzy blonde cheerleaderB
Show that Rachel leaves glee to star inC
Choreographer of Vocal AdrenalineD
Guidance counslerE
Quarterback, male leadF
The club that new directions isG
Woodshop teacher who chopped off his thumbsH
First name of actor who plays figginsI
Male lead of vocal adrenalineJ
Gay sopranoK
Actress who plays rachelL
Black diva singerM
ClueAnswerLetter of the alphabet
Name of Glee ClubN
Song Rachel used to audition for gleeO
Bad Boy football playerP
Pregnant CheerleaderQ
Female lead, perfectionistR
Cheerios coachS
Asian goth with stutterT
____ Can't touch thisU
Rival glee clubV
Glee club and Spanish teacherW
First Madonna song in the Madonna episode (Second letter is X)
Last song sung at sectionalsY
Jenna _______(Last letter in last name is Z)

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