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Can you name the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Quiz (Hard!)?

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Element of Magic 
Element of Honesty 
Element of Loyalty 
Element of Generosity 
Element of Kindness 
Element of Laughter 
The Elements of _______ 
Number of episodes per season 
Title of the season 1 finale 
The town the show primarily takes place in 
Capital of Equestria 
Princess of the Sun 
Pinkie's pet alligator 
The song Rarity sings in 'Suited for Success' 
The secret society Applebloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle form 
Name of the forest the ponies are scared of 
Spike and Celestia both own this immortal species of bird 
An annual holiday in which foals dress up and ask for candy 
Applejack's grandmother 
The number of years Nightmare Moon was imprisoned in the moon 
Creator the show 
Number of 2-part specials 
Female leader of the Wonderbolts 
'The Big City' 
Princess Celestia's niece 
The number of sets of parents of the main characters seen so far 
Discord's species 
Name of the episode in which the first song of season 2 took place 
The only pony with siblings the same age as her 
Number of episodes Owlowiscious has appeared 
Number of songs from the 'A Canterlot Wedding' episodes (not counting reprises) 
Vinyl Scratch's canon eye colour 
The voice actress for Twilight Sparkle 
The only main character who hasn't featured prominently in a song so far 
The third pony to become 'discorded' in 'Return of Harmony' 
The last item Derpy accidentally drops onto Twilight Sparkle in 'Feeling Pinkie Keen'. 
The first book in the Daring Do series 
This character's voice actress also voiced Trixie 
Number of members of the royal family known so far 
Derpy's first sentence in 'The Last Roundup' 
Very Hard
The pony who accompanies Dinky Hooves in the Sisterhooves Social 
Number of episodes in which Derpy appeared with crossed eyes in season 1 
This pony dresses as Daring Do for Nightmare Night 
The colour of Chrysalis' magic 
Date the show first aired (DD/MM/YYYY) 
Ridiculously Hard
The name of any of the three girls who voice a member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders 
This filly is upset when Twist gives a Hearts and Hooves day card to Truffle Shuffle 
The total number of songs from season 1 and 2 that are over a minute long 
Impossibly Hard
Number of times Pinkie Pie sings the word 'smile' in 'Smile, Smile, Smile'. 
Number of PONIES on the 2011 Comic Con Poster (Not counting the ones in the balloon) 

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