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Can you name the popular roller coaster manufacturers?

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roller coasters from manufacturermanufacturer
X2 / The Demon / Corkscrew
Raging Bull / Mantis / Raptor
Wild Thing / Steel Force/ Mamba
Boulder Dash / GhostRider / Shivering Timbers
SAW: The Ride / Fairly Odd Coaster / Speed: No Limits
Goliath / Titan / Anaconda
Lightning Racer / Terminator Salvation / Roar
Millennium Force / Kingda Ka / Maverick
roller coasters from manufacturermanufacturer
Blue Fire / Journey to Atlantis / Fly
Mr. Freeze / Backlot Stunt Coaster / Flight of Fear
Dodonpa / Eejanaika / Ring Racer
Greezed Lightnin' / Mindbender / Revolution
Fujiyama / King Cobra / Viper
Hades / The Voyage / Fireball
Firehawk / Invertigo / Batwing
Pepsi Ripsaw / Jaguar! / Wicked

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