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Can you name the queens from seasons 5-8 based on the given clues?

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Forced Order
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Was criticized for wearing 'bacon' on the runway
She doesn't like to show off, but she did win Drag Race
Narcolepsy didn't hold this queen back
Jinkx had a crush on this queen when they competed together
The Caftan Queen
Puerto Rican queen who created a sickening wallpaper dress
A 'goth' queen who couldn't survive a double elimination
This queen broke a lightbulb on the runway during her lip sync
This queen can lip-sync in a split while upside down
She'll never let you forget that she's young and went to art school
She's got a move and a tune that she calls tongue pop
A self-proclaimed messy queen who loves to 'party'
Went on tour after her season ended to paint many other drag queens and personalities
A Haus of Edwards member who now works with Alyssa at the Beyond Belief dance studio
This queen provoked the legendary line: 'backrolls??'
She's got her eye on the prize, and her other eye on the crown
Don't bring up bus stops around this queen
Admired for her makeup skills, she shocked queens by revealing she was still a virgin
Quit drag shortly after being the second queen eliminated on her season
Better get the boxed wine chilling for this queen
Vicky Vox's drag mother
Fans were outraged when this queen was eliminated and she won a challenge that earned her a spot back in the competition
Referred to by Bianca as a 'shady elephant'
Mother, I am being used as an answer for a quiz game again
She's not holding **** back, oh at all
Season 5 fan-picked contestant
The first queen to come out as transgender while still competing on the show
Stay away from her basement when Santino Rice enters the room
She's known as a high-energy fashion clown
Gurl, she cracked the code
This ripped queen created the 'Get a Job' challenge
This 'Toxic' queen was obsessed with her hems
This 'fresh' queen doesn't like messy queens
This AAA girl was accused of resting on pretty
Criticized for wearing the same color hair all season despite several other contestants doing the same
The judges admired her high concept runway looks, but the other queens did not take a liking to her bitchy personality
She may rise to the top, but then again, so does scum
She took the phrase 'tired queen' too literally, but she eventually woke up
Queen hailing from the planet Glamtron
Her personality is just as big as her cucu!
The only queen named after a month
She has the smallest waist in Drag Race herstory
Hope you have a sweet tooth for this Puerto Rican queen
Violet's drag mother who didn't survive her first lip sync
Played the part of 'America's Next Drag Superstar,' but never actually won the crown
This queen chose the order for the Drag Queens of Comedy challenge
A Season 8 queen known for her gorgeous legs
The other, other, other Tyra and season 7 contestant
She does a body good
This queen pretended to give birth during her entrance
This clown will read you to the bank and back for fun
This queen knows how to walk the runway, just ask her second head
Ru called this queen after a double elimination
The second queen to ever come out as HIV+ on the show

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