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QUIZ: Name the contestants of Seasons 1-4 of Drag Race using trivia about the queens.

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A 'fruity' queen known for her unique hair.
First to get the 'chop,' unusually admired by RuPaul.
A transgender queen who criticized RuPaul for his use of the term SheMail.
This queen 'took flight' but didn't quite snatch the crown.
This queen didn't let her size stop her from jumping into a split. Now, she's lost most of the weight.
Her ego is about as fragile as her private parts.
She can paint, but she had a lot of fans saying 'EWWW'
No extra i in this queens name.
The only queen who's name has been made into an acronym.
The only winner with a child.
A stunning Ms. Mandarin.
One word, BAM!
A small queen who failed to impersonate Beyoncé
She had a meltdown causing her to lose the lip-sync to her Puerto Rican sister.
The only queen who's male name is also a noun.
No, not Ms. Jolie. One name is enough for this queen.
Despite her name, she was far from first.
Season 1 queen from Ohio and there isn't much else to say about her.
A funky queen whos career started with a dare.
She couldn't seem to earn her redemption on All Stars.
What you see isn't always the truth with this queen.
For a gay man, this queen sure does love to get inside some boxes.
A d-liteful queen who didn't make it too far.
This queen also has her own holiday, and no, it isn't Halloween.
Appeared in both a Rihanna and Gaga music video.
Her name is actually one step down from a queen.
This queen was literally lifted to a lip-sync victory.
His filmography lists equal credits as portraying Cher and himself.
In Denver, she has her own holiday.
Only received $20,000 from her win.
Got her drag name from a Pokémon.
A 'wild' Puerto Rican queen.
A country queen Henny.
A 'Successful' hairstylist when she isn't in drag.
She won't let smoking damage her trademark smile according to an FDA ad.
Unfortunately this queen passed away due to heart failure.
Inspired RuPaul's hit 'LadyBoy.'
2 auditions, second season, and 2 x's. This queen loves doubles.
This queen unfortunately couldn't be reborn from the ashes.
Coined the phrase: 'This isn't RuPaul's Best Friend Race.'
The first transgender queen Drag Race Herstory.
Category is: Cheesecake!
Her last name comes after Ivy's according to the calendar.
As a male he's Satan with a U.
Not the airline, but the Season 3 queen.
Got her name from the city in Italy famous for models.

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