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The DNA in this cell is contained within the nucleus.
The DNA in this cell is concentrated within the nucleoid region.
An organelle with specialized metabolic functions; this organelle also produces H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) as a byproduct.
These projections of the cell's plasma membrane increase the cell's surface area.
The digestive organelle of the cell which hydrolyzes macromolecules.
These complexes produce proteins.
This double membrane encloses the nucleus.
This is part of the cell's endomembrane system; it is a complex system of membranous sacs that makes up most of the cell's membrane.
The organelle creates, changes, sorts, and of cell products.
Helps the cell retain its shape; made up of proteins.
Aids in cell mobility.
This is the area in the cell where the microtubules of a cell start.
A pair of these are located within the centrosome region.
This part of the endoplasmic reticulum is studded with
This part of the endplasmic reticulum participates in lipid production.
This material is made up of proteins and DNA and is found in the nucleus of a cell.
These proteins are what DNA is wrapped around to form chromatin.
This is the part of the nucleus that produces ribosomes.
This is the organelle that produces most of the cell's ATP (energy molecule).
This part of the cytoskeleton acts as a track for motor proteins and assist secretory vesicles in traveling from the Golgi apparatus to the plasma membrane.
This part of the cytoskeleton has the main job of supporting a lot of tension.
This part of the cytoskeleton does not rapidly form and dissemble like other parts of the cytoskeleton.
Found only in plant cells, this large organelle is usually found in older plants and is used for storage, breakdown of waste products, and hydrolysis of macromolecules.
The tough outer layer that allows a plant cell to retain its overall shape and to protect itself.
The interior of the cell.
The intracelluar fluid of a cell.
A cell's selectively permeable barrier.
Found only in plant cells, these help connect the cytoplasm of two different cells.
The organelle that performs photosynthetic reactions.

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