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Can you name the lyrics to the song 'American Pie' ?

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Forced Order
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Given the chance, what could he make the people do?
What month made him shiver?
What was on the doorstep?
What did he drive to the levee?
What were kicked off in the gym?
How many years have they been on their own?
What grows fat on a rolling stone?
Who borrowed James Dean's coat?
Where was the king looking as the jester stole his thorny crown?
Who read the book on Marx?
How many people practiced in the park?
How high was the fallout shelter?
What was the jester wearing on the sidelines?
What was the half-time air?
Who were playing a marching tune?
What is the devil's only friend?
What were the lovers doing in the streets?
Who were the three men he admired most?
To where was the last train heading?
What were the good old boys drinking?

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