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Can you name the Similarities in Dan Schneider's shows?

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hintSimilarityTV Shows
Chinease ResterauntDrake and Josh & iCarly
Nerdy MovieiCarly & Drake and Josh
Nerdy Character duoDrake and Josh & iCarly
CharacterDrake and Josh & Victorious
ThemeiCarly & Drake and Josh
Snack food (Hint: food group)iCarly & Zoey101
SongiCarly & Drake and Josh
Actor (male)iCarly & Drake and Josh
Actor (female)Drake and Josh & iCarly
Foreign FoodDrake and Josh & iCarly
Company (technology)Victorious & iCarly & Zoey101
Website (hint: youtube)Victorious & iCarly & Zoey101
Tv ShowiCarly & Zoey101
Theme Songs are...iCarly & Zoey101 & Drake and Josh & Victorious
hintSimilarityTV Shows
Company (clothing)iCarly & Drake and Josh
InsultiCarly & Zoey101
Insult (hint: megan)Drake and Josh & iCarly
Drink (brand)Drake and Josh & iCarly
Actor duo (male)The Amanda Show & Drake and Josh
Actor (male) (hint: musician)iCarly & Victorious
Action/attackZoey101 & iCarly & Victorious
Popular foodZoey101 & Victorious
Actor (female)Zoey101 & iCarly & Victorious
Website (hint: google)Zoey101 & iCarly
'Sport'Victorious & Drake and Josh
Word (hint:Sausage)Victorious & iCarly
BONUS: Zoey101 and Big time rush share an actress(Erin Sanders), in both shows she dates a character named:Zoey101 (Quinn) & BTR (Camille)

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