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In iMeet Fred, how many clubs is Freddie kicked out of?
What does Chuck squirt Spencer with when he is trapped in the cage?
How many mega-pixels is the pic of Charles dingo's frozen head?
what is the name of/who is the girl in Spencer and Carly's house in the episode iSpace?
(episode: iMove out) Mrs. Benson: 'I'll be waiting for you with a big steaming bowl of _______________'
(episode: iMove out) Freddie: 'I don't want that ________________'
What is Freddie's 'toilet' in his new apartment?
Does baby Spencer like Dynamite?
T-bo: 'You afraid to take a walk on the ______________ side of town?'
What is the color of Freddie's socks in the episode 'iDream of dance'?
What color is the cast on Freddie's leg in the episode 'iSaved Your Life'?
What did Mrs. Benson have implanted in Freddie's head when he was a baby?
What is Gibby's last name?
What is the name of sockos cousin who steals the couch back from 'those mean movers' for spencer?
who makes Spencer his tux?
Spencer: 'Who's the girl in the _____ _________ tank top?'
What is the color of the Paintball that hits Freddie?
what language does Freddie randomly start talking in?
what drink does Lewbert order out of the fake soda machine?
Carly: 'Zeebo. How long until that nub put me in a ________ __________ and starts calling me ________?'
What did Freddie sleep in/with one night?
What does Spencer's 'sophisticated lady-friend' wear?
Carly: 'If he's a nub then some day I wanna be ________________.'
Which member of Big Time Rush Guest starred as Shane on iCarly?
what is the 'greatest portable computer known to man'?
how many pounds of cheese does Spencer buy for his camping trip with Socko?
In iCristmas, what color is the top of the flash light Freddie dresses up as?
Only fill in this box if you got them all! Who made Carly and Sam get the idea to start iCarly?

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