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What signed book does Fabian sacrifice for the 'Sibuna' club?
What is the name of Victor's stuffed bird?
Who was speaking on the Cylinders recording?
Who has gone missing?
Who was the man the little girl was talking about on the recordings?
Who helps Patricia search for Joy?
What do Alfie and Jerome put under Amber's pillow?
What number stair does Nina look under?
Who keeps knocking on the walls to find clues?
What booth does Mick run at Parents day?
What does Amber sacrifice for 'Sibuna'?
What does Nina sacrifice for 'Sibuna'?
What does Fabian pull out of his pocket during the sacrifice?
What two areas in the house are 'strictly forbidden'?
Who sleeps upstairs?
Who sleeps downstairs?
which care taker sleeps upstairs?
Which care taker sleeps downstairs?
Who is Nina's ORIGINAL Roommate?
Who is Fabian's Roommate?
Who came up with the idea for 'Sibuna'?
Where did the name 'Sibuna' come from?

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