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Forced Order
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keyblade master
one of the 7 princesses thats not in a disney movie
1st person who wants to leave destiny island
finds sora in traverse town
tells donald and goofy to find the key
you 1st meet him sleeping in the kings garden
1st person to know that the king is gone
teaches sora magic
sells gummi ship parts
his pages are all over the worlds
comes with you from agrabah
pumpkin king
the old man in monstro
the cat that helps you get alice's innocents
little dragon that helps sora
helps you fly
a princess that is NOT one of the 7 princesses
speaks gorilla
teaches sora of the keyblade
the strongest ninja
makes the ultimate keyblade
ghost dog
half goat half man
darkness trying to take over
bear that doesn't wear pants
has a LONG sword and his own THEME SONG
a ice cold enemy
son of a god
lonely deer
total hot head
head of all evil
has tentacles
ursula's eels

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