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Leon, Phil, Aqua
Koopa the Quick, Yoshi, Goomba
Tooty, Mumjo Jumbo, Humba Wumba
Fujin, Raijin, Dr. Odine
Epona, Great Fariy, Great Deku Tree
Siela Rivlere, Victor Delacroix, Arcia Rinslet
Jet, Albatross, Swallow
Gippal, Brother, Le Blanc
Avery Johnson, Miranda Keyes, James Ackerson
Vergil, Dutch, Dr. Endesha
Allistair Tenpenny, Vault 101 Overseer, Three Dog
Andrew Ryan, Diane McClintock, Bill McDonagh
Wisp, Knight, Tauren Chieftain
Shadow, Bowser Jr, Chao
Professor Hojo, Rude, Tseng

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