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Defence Against the Dark Arts - What is the spell needed to repel a boggart?
What is the name of a creature that is reanimated by a Dark Wizard to do his or her bidding?
Which curse damages your opponent's eyesight?
What is the incantation for the disarming spell?
What is the incantation for the stunning spell?
Care of Magical Creatures - Which creature is half horse and half eagle?
What creatures do goblins use to find treasure?
What colour are unicorn foals?
What must you have seen to see a thestral?
What do you get when you cross a manticore with a fire crab?
Charms - What substance does the spell aguamenti produce?
What is the incantation for the summoning charm?
What is the hand movement for wingardium leviosa?
What is the incantation for the shield charm?
If you use the spell avis, a flock of which animal will come out of your wand?
Transfiguration - What is the name of a person who can morph into an animal at will?
What is the incantation for the vanishing spell?
The spell fera verto would turn an animal into what?
Why can't you conjure food out of thin air?
How many registered animagi have there been in the past century?
Herbology - Bubotuber Pus acts a a treatment for what?
Which plant produces stinksap as a defence mechanism?
Which plant would you use bluebell flames against?
Which plant will allow you to breathe underwater?
Which plant can be used to cure those who have been petrified?
Potions - What is the most powerful love potion in the world?
Which potion allows you to assume the form of someone else?
Where would you find a bezoar?
Which potion makes the drinker tell the truth?
What is aconite also known as?

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