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Forced Order
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AFirst Name - Attacked by 3 muggles when young
BFirst Name - Killed to make Nagini Horcrux
CFirst Name - Muggle Studies teacher after Professor Quirrell
DFirst Name - The youngest Death Eater
EFirst Name - Hufflepuff in Harry's year
FName - Ice cream shop owner
GName - Killed along with Ted Tonks and Dirk Cresswell
HFirst Name - Killed to make Helga Hufflepuff's Cup Horcrux
IFirst Name - Librarian
JLast Name - Escorted the Dursleys with Dedalus Diggle in DH
KFirst Name - New Minister of Magic
LFirst Name - Attacked by Fenrir Greyback but saved by Hermione Granger
MName - Killed to make Tom Riddle's Diary Horcrux
NFirst Name - Destroyed the last Horcrux
OFirst Name - Played for Puddlemere United after Hogwarts
PName - Hermione Granger school arch-enemy
QName - Was teaching Muggle Studies before D.A.D.A.
RName - The Diadem Horcrux was her propriety before stolen
SName - Died after a snake attack
TFirst Name - Harry's godson
ULast Name - She claimed she was relative to the Selwyns
VFirst Name - One of the muggles we see at the beginning of each book
WLast Name - The only Death Eater with a W a the beginning of his last name
XFirst Name - Wanted to tread Harry for his daughter
YLast Name - Death Eater who wakes with Snape to the Malfoy Manor
ZFirst Name - Captain of the Hufflepuff Quidditch Team after Cedric Diggory

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