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Motorbike-riding thugs from the Streets of Rage series.
Samus was one of the first game heroes not to be this.
The setting of Dead Rising, a place to do shopping.
____ of Juarez, a western series, featuring Ray as the primary protagonist.
Third Echelon's secret field operative are known as Splinter ____s.
Crusader Dante's quest takes him through this location.
Ann's father in Harvest Moon 64.
An enormous circular space facility designed to eradicate sentinel life.
Twilight Princess' resident cocky and vertically challenged kid.
Lionhead's AI contribution to Project Natal.
A facility for storage, such as tiberium or nuclear weapons.
The material of Spiderman's main weapon.
Sonic does this in water.
The name of many males in a certain series, who all commonly wear green.
Panda's trainer in the Tekken series.
The leader of Mimiga Village in Cave Story.
In canon, this monk becomes the champion of Mortal Kombat.
The surname of the character that wears a red tie with 'DK' on it.
The game that started the industry.
____ De is an officer of Wei in the Dynasty Warriors series, first appearing in 5.
In shooters, breaking a window ____ of glass can open up a different route.
Nod's charismatic leader.
Surname of Clark Kent's love interest.
Regular racers, such as Gran Turismo, require you to cross one to finish.
Contra only gave you three of these. ... Unless you knew a certain code.
Kratos used to have one, the remaining ashes now fastened to his skin.
A fibre version of this object is used in Hitman as a silent takedown weapon.
Wario____, a collection of microgames.
These bears want to spread the love.
It's a lie. Apparently.
The surname of Alan, a horror writer, who finds himself experiencing what he wrote.
Tidal ____, is a Decepticon from Transformers.
The Horcrux ____ is a location where part of Voldemort's soul lies.
The surname of Luke, a Marvel superhero, who appears in the Ultimate Alliance series.
A trillionare entrepreneur, the primary antagonist in Deus Ex.
Surname of Charlie, from Lost.
Usually, the main mode of driving games such as Burnout.
Rockstar's game engine, used for Grand Theft Auto IV and Red Dead Redemption.
The developer of Perfect Dark.
Streets of Rage is known as '____ Knuckle' in Japan.
A male protagonist of many Simpsons games.
A boss from Super Mario Bros. 2
To us humans, this is what Covenant Elites sound like.
Scribblenauts relies on these to summon objects.
Common magical object that heals or protects.
If normal difficulty is no challenge try this level instead.
A certain pair of divine arms is call the 'God ____s'.
____ Hero, a spinoff of Guitar Hero.
The greatest secret agent to grace the N64.
The smallest body of water in Animal Crossing, which is not connected to the ocean.
____ Oreille is an area in Cabela's Dangerous Hunts, located in the Idaho region.
B.J. ____ is a UFC fighter.
The Horde's labour workers, in construction and resource gathering.
Resident Evil 4's protagonist.
A fighter in Virtua Fighter known for fast strikes and pokes.
Humanity's last non-virtual stronghold against the Sentinels.
Zool's two headed dog, featured ingame as a paddle.
Termina's incoming projectile.
Short form of the beginning of the day.
Durability is a concept where when items get ____ from being used too much.
The act of telling others of the presence of danger, common in online play.
Interlocked fibres. Aide Wednesday runs a shop selling this in The Witch's ____.
Slowpoke (among others) can do this to send another to sleep, with a delay.
War, from Darksiders, was one of these in the council's master plan.
The hornet-wielding boss in Metal Gear Solid 3.
Half of the name of the princess who has to be saved in Ghosts 'N Goblins.
A now closed Swedish studio, known for Bionic Commando Rearmed.
The personification of Death. Named Gregg in Conker's Bad Fur Day.
An aeronautic term meaning to adjust the pitch of the craft.
Refers to a collection of unofficial spinoffs of Tetris.
Zero's love interest in the Mega Man X series.
A gypsy in RuneScape who lives in a tent in Varrock.
A female magician in the golf game PangYa, also known as Super Swing Golf.
Logan's daughter in Suikoden Tierkreis, working as an innkeeper.
A Bosnian footballer who plays for VFL Wolfsburg in Football Manager.
Chief god of Norse mythology.
Surname of a Portland Trail Blazers basketball team centre player in NBA.
The number one cause of fire for a Sim.
When added to the end of the first word, means the (usually bad) end of the game.

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