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What does Filo put in R. J. Fletcher's office?
At first, George makes an unsuccessful kids show. What is it called?
Raul receives new animals. He says he doesn't need them. What does he parody?
What is the name of the secretary at George's UHF station?
What is the number of R. J. Fletcher's station?
The karate instructors ambush the men at the rival television station. Where do they hide?
What is R.J. Fletcher going to turn the station into?
While saving Stanley, what does George buy with $20?
What is the name of the karate instructor who also hosts Wheel of Fish?
What does George give Bob to cheer him up (what is Bob's 'favorite')?
What is the last name of the midget who is the cameraman for George's station?
At the beginning, where does George work?
What does Stanley find at his captors' place?
When George attempts to rescue Stanley, what does he picture in his mind?
What does Filo eat popcorn out of while R. J. Fletcher is being puclicly humiliated on TV?
A commercial in George's station says the only sell one thing. What store is this?
What does George order at the bar?
How much money does George need to raise?
Where does Filo leave for at the end?
Where does George leave the dog at the party?
How did the hobo get $2,000 and a rolex?
What does George Newman steal from the temple?
What did Stanley Spadowski get for his 8th birthday?
What show makes George's station so popular?
Raul is about to receive a new shipment of animals. What are they?
What does Stanley use the thing he found at his captors' place as?
What does Filo make on his show out of common household objects?
What is the name of the contestant in Wheel of Fish?
What does Stanley picture that is orange?
What does George feed Bob-o the clown?
There is a preview for a sequel on George's station. What is it? ('He's back... and this time, he's mad!' 'There is only one law.... his law!')
Why did George first go to the network affiliate?
How do the people at George's UHF station raise money to keep the station?
What does George sculpt with mashed potatoes?
What is in the box that Hiro-San is bringing down the aisle RIGHT NOW??
What is revealed about Filo in the end?
Why is the television station in danger?
What does the contestant in Wheel of Fish have a chance to win?
How do the agents of R. J. Fletcher's station kidnap Stanley?
There is a preview for a new series on George's station. What is it? ('Don't you know the DEWEY DECIMAL SYSTEM??!?!?')
What does Stanley find in the cereal box?
How does George get the television station?
One of the programs was this: '___ ___ ___ abducted by UFOs and forced into weight loss programs'
What does George give Stanley at the end?
What is Raul's show called?
According to Stanley, what is life like?
'______! YOU SO ______!'
What is the name of the station that George owns?
What is George's uncle's name? (first and last)
Fill in: 'You found the ____ ____ ____ _____! You get to drink from the ____ ____!'

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