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anaerobe found in the gut, can cause severe diarrhea
Fence/gate GNR, a common cause of UTI
Beta lactams inhibit the bacterial ______.
Aminoglycosides are __________ inhibitors.
These drugs inhibit DNA gyrase
Bacteria can give each other resistance genes directly by
An _______ pump is one type of antibiotic resistance mechanism.
These are resistant to most antimicrobial agents
Gram negative bacteria contain this in their cell wall
Gram positive cocci that exists in clusters
Group A strep
Proteus mirabilis is a
An atypical bacterium that causes syphilis
This drug is still used to treat syphilis
An very small atypical bacterium that causes an STI
M. tuberculosis is an obligate aerobe, therefore the ideal organ for it to infect is the
M. tuberculosis shows up nicely on a Gram stain (True or False?)
Bacteria make their own folate for purine synthesis by using
Bactrim is the drug combining sulfamethoxazole with
brand name of metronidazole
trimethoprim inhibits
Metronidazole's spectrum of activity includes _________ only.

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