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who is my favorite comedianEnglish Comedian from Liverpool
favorite actorSnatch, Crank, Transporter, Safe...
what is my talent3 letters long, subject in schools.
My favorite film seriesDisney Film not animated.
who is my favorite player in arsenal squad14 in the team.
Who is my favorite wrestler (wwe)Retired, Hall of Famer.
Name one of my favorite ever songs (3)Enrique Iglesias
what is my favorite animaldid u get my favorite color? HINT
What is my favorite bandManchester.1991-2009.
what is my favorite fooddifferent varitie,finger licking good.
my fearAcrophobia
What football team do i supportNorth London,England
celeb crushactress/model. (Tina from corrie)Voted sexiest woman 2015
Can you name one of my nicknamesCalled it from Mates,Online,FB etc.
what is my favorite colourDoesnt Rhyme Apparently...

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