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Forced Order
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Twenty days in a concrete fallout, what life have I to take your own
'But if I had one wish on which to stand, I'd see the weapons all leave this land'
Did you get the invitation, the swan song of a nation
I'll hold that hanger up long as the Sox put up a fight
When the capital is crowded with effigies, and they might do you in if you don't know your country'
Don't ask me to follow suit, it's just too late now, our god isn't what you preach
As if he could summon the likes of Moses, to put the blood back in his friends veins
Then they sold us down the face of the mighty river, sold turpentine for tea
Carry yourself well so carry yourself well
'Ten years ago my wife took sick, so I brought her here, my job I quit'
I did not know but, someone died in my sleep last night
And the payphone is swinging against the wall, don't ask her 'bout the call
But I ain't go no money and I intend to pay for my meal tonight
You're accused of whatever you confess to, until then you won't see the light of day
Could you hold me just one more older, then I'll go as your fallen fighter Waiting at the door, can't see you any more?
I think I'm fallin' to pieces, won't you help a good man get up and back on his feet?
He'd never seen buildings so tall and wondered why they even didn't ever think to lean over and fall
And there`s a quiet in the cellar, and if they find us, it`ll be all she wrote
Cause it's a manifest destiny like a genocide recipe telling the knowledge that rests in me to fear my own race
All together and together we fall, through the cracks in the city street
Thou shall not, thou shall not want
But we ain't afraid of sunlight, no oh, just don't let it sink to low
But he who holds the north wall is gonna' save his mortal kin
Something happened up in Riding Hood Hills, the devil had his way, but the locals say they're on to something, they say they know the name
'Mr Newsman send your wire let washingt'on conspire you know the company men wait for you in their lair

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