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Can you name the events that took place in 1994?

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January 1This treaty is established
January 6This Winter Olympian is assaulted, but competes and wins a silver medal
January 17This American city was hit by an earthquake
January 30This NFL team repeats as Super Bowl champions
February 23This 'New Moon' actress is born
March 4This famous SNL comedian dies
March 21This movie wins the Oscar for Best Picture
April 5This famous grunge singer commits suicide
April 6-7Genocide begins in this African nation
April 22This former US President dies
April 27This South African leader is elected President
May 1This World Champion Formula 1 driver is killed in a crash
May 6This underground tunnel opens between the UK and France
May 19This former US First Lady dies
June 12This famous football wife is murdered
June 14This hockey team breaks a 54 year Stanley Cup drought
June 17The cops chase OJ Simpson in this infamous car
June 22This NBA team wins its first world championship
June 28This Japanese cult pulls off a nerve gas attack in the Tokyo subway
July 2This soccer player is murdered after scoring an own goal in the 1994 World Cup
July 15This planet is hit by a huge comet
July 17This country wins the World Cup Final on penalty kicks
July 21Israel and this Arab country sign a peace treaty
August 12This famous concert is redone, 25 years later
August 12This sport goes on strike and its playoffs are eventually cancelled
September 17This woman is the first hearing impaired person to become Miss America
October 15This Haitian leader returns after 3 years of exile
November 5This boxer wins the world heavyweight title almost 20 years after last holding the title
November 8This political party retakes both houses of Congress for the first time in 40 years
November 13This driver wins his first F1 world title after a controversial crash in Australia

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