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Can you name the characters Charlie Kelly of 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' has dressed up as?

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EpisodeCharacterCharlie Quote
Bums: Making a Mess All Over the City'That right there is a tale of corruption and intrigue. The likes of which are gonna rock this city.'
Charlie Gets Crippled'Viet-goddamn-nam's what happened! Go get me a beer bitch!'
The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis'Ya, best get to steppin' cause Johnny Law's a-comin'!'
The Nightman Cometh'I was that little boy, that little baby boy was me! I once was a boy, but now I'm a man! I fought the Nightman...'
The Gang Finds a Dead Guy'There are, like, so many medals in there, dude. This guy was probably like King ____.'
The Gang Exploits a Miracle'Here's a confession: I'm in love with a man. What? I'm in love with a man... a man named God. Does that make me gay? Am I gay for God? You betcha.'
EpisodeCharacterCharlie Quote
The Gang Wrestles for the Troops'I feel like pigeons are survivors, though.'
The Gang Cracks the Liberty Bell'Maybe if we shoot you, you won't feel it anyway, witch.'
The Gang Gives Back'Yeah... oh I am drunk. You know why? Cuz I don't have a sponsor anymore!'
Charlie Goes America All Over Everybody's AssI'm gonna rise up, I'm gonna kick a little ass. ROCK, FLAG, and EAGLE!'
The Gang Gets Invincible'WAIT! WAIT! WAIT! When the hell did I put _______ on?'
Sweet Dee's Dating a Retarded Person'I'm living in a world of darkness.'

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