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QUIZ: Can you name the WTF HIT SONGS

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Clue:Song Title:Performer/s:
90s dance craze & hit for Spanish duo
Fred should have said: Wrong!
Hurry up & die!
If this song makes you want to hurt someone, join the club!
Only dummies would think this is enough to say...
70s hit about 2 amorous rodents
Those that bought this were the real bunnies!
Most annoying cheerleader... ever!
Spain was the 'sauce' for this 2002 hit
No wonder he was alone in 2004!
Say a prayer for 1 of the worst songs of the millennium
I'd jump out of a lifeboat to avoid this song!
Beverly Hills Frog?
With apologies to Don McLean...
Swedes mixing techno with folk & bluegrass!
I'd rather go to paradise than go to her!
This Canadian rocker gets straight to the point
Does Fergie think she is a camel?
Clue:Song Title:Performer/s:
Lucky this Aussie soap star had other (better) songs!
I want my nickel back, Chad!
Written under pressure?
I had a dream, I had an awesome dream...a nightmare!
No mention of this word in the Book of Genesis!
These guys are foreigners to love
This is bad- no matter what day it is!
This starship was into construction
Joe should follow his own advice...
At dawn, I'll need a larger ribbon to hang Tony with!
Young Canadian dissing a guy's partner
Miley's dad
Samantha, you're no fox!
Subtitled '(Da Ba Dee)'
Thank God I'm a City Boy!
In a Barbie world...
80s video features dancing fruit!
K-pop dance craze
Bob, this one can't be fixed!
Feed them to the dogs!

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