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Clue:Group:Key Track to Explore:
Not American Idiots!
Multiracial funk group
UK Punk group
Buddy Holly
Australian & New Zealand group
Revolves around sisters Ann & Nancy
Ireland's leading rock group
The real Dreamgirls?
Their talent went beyond rumours!
Rapid Eye Movement
UK electronic/ dance duo
Chris Martin
Ray is A Well Respected Man!
Still gathering no moss!
Features the Tom Tom Club
John Fogerty
Nile Rodgers & Bernard Edwards
They spread Saturday Night Fever!
Goths love them!
British royalty
With 'Mr Mojo Rising' out front
After Joy Division...
Lou Reed
The Fab 4
Only 1 of them surfed!
Clue:Group:Key Track to Explore:
Brothers Phil & Don
Brother & sister duo
This trio had a real sting!
Michael Hutchence
Maurice Starr's group
Sweden's greatest pop export
Slow Hand's 60s supergroup
Aussie metal group
Before Led Zep...
Levi Stubbs sang lead for this vocal group
Swedish duo
Punk group
Grunge pioneers
Jersey Boys
Paul & Art
Their first hit was 'creepy'!
This US group soared in the 70s/ 80s
Wall to Wall hits!
With Deborah out front
Brothers from Gary, Indiana
Page & Plant
Motown's main boy band
Becker & Fagen

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